Ties made from LEGO parts!

"The world's first and only customizable, flexible and lightweight neckties and bow ties made from Lego® parts!"

Brick Your Neck-Ties Are Here!

Check out the coolest necktie you have ever seen

Ideal for:

- Fathers Day Gift

- Birthday Gifts (for most ages)

- Christmas Gift

- Gift for any Lego Lover

- Gift for tie collectors

- Waiters/Waitresses (great conversation starter)

- Weddings

- Bar Mitzvah

- Business Casual

- Or any tie wearing event

Brick Your Neck-Tie Features:

Made from Lego® parts- We use brand new Lego® parts to make every tie

Customizable- wear it as is or build on it with one of our Build Sets build sets or your own custom design

Flexible- flexes between Lego® parts

Thin and Lightweight- made from Lego® plates that are just under .2" thick (including the knobs) and weigh between 2-4 ounces per tie

Available in multiple styles, lengths and colors- more options available periodically
The Original The Skinny The Youth The Bow

Securely Attach at the Neck- Neckties attach at the neck with hook and loop straps (straps adjust to fit almost any size neck). Bow ties attach on the collar with clip on bow tie clip (clip fits most collars)

Fun!!!- enough said

Feel free to explore the site and most of all... Brick Your Neck!

Check out what our customers have to say about Brick Your Neck-Ties:

Customer Comments

Customer Comments


“I couldn’t believe how much attention I got when I wore my BrickYourNeck Lego necktie to a community event! Everyone noticed and commented on how cool it was.”

Jesse, Utah


“When I saw your ties in an article on KSL.com, I had to get one for my son’s birthday. He is a Lego fanatic and I could just picture him re-decorating his tie each Sunday. So, even though it is more than I normally would spend on a tie for him, I couldn’t pass up the chance to get him such a unique gift that I just knew he would love. I can’ wait to give it to him!”

Angela, Utah


“Awesome!!! My two 8 year old grandsons, think they’re the greatest and can’t wait till Sunday!! Very cool!!”

Cindi, Utah


“We saw an article about these ties on KSL.com. My boys love legos and our 11 year old is OBSESSED! We knew that we had to get one for him. He absolutely loves it! He loves all the comments he gets about it and he wears it to every occasion that calls for a tie.”

Dennis, Utah


“I bought a lego tie for two grandsons for their birthdays and they LOVED them. One just turned 8 and the other turned 7. Great idea!”

Carolyn, Arizona


“I sent a tie to my brother as a graduation gift and not only did it arrive quickly (in time for him to wear that day), he totally geeked out and proudly wore it outside his gown. Everyone on the KU campus was talking about “the guy with the Lego tie!” It was a big hit and I’m happy that he loved it since I wasn’t able to attend his graduation. Also a huge thank you for responding so quickly to my email about changing the shipping address! I’ll definitely be spreading the word…my 4-year-old son already wants a tie, too! :-)

Sarah, Minnesota


“I gave one to my nephew yesterday and he absolutely loved it and is excited to wear it! I think he will be the envy of his friends. I know my other nephew will be just as excited!”

Alison, Utah


“My 10 year old is a huge lego fan and can’t wait to wear his tie to a bat-mitzvah this weekend- we were joking about guessing how many people would comment on his tie … it is a truly unique concept and I am sure he will be THE ONLY ONE with a lego tie.”

Ilene, New York


“My grandson loves his tie.”

Karen, Arizona


“I was so excited to give my hubby his tie! I was not disappointed with his reaction. He loved it! He got so many comments and “fist-bumps” at church! Thanks for helping make his day awesome!”

Brianna, Utah


“I purchased an Original red tie for my husband who’s an uber Lego Geek! He loved it… Shipping was quick! That was the perfect Father’s Day gift for my husband. So glad it came up on Google!”

Sarah, Utah


“Loved them.  Best gift for little boys ever!!”

Jen, California


“The tie arrived ahead of schedule and we are extremely pleased with the product.  My daughter, who attends Eastern Michigan University, purchased the tie for one of her music professors as a gift for the holidays.  He collects unique and unusual ties, and the lego tie certainly fits the bill! …Thank you again for product, and your professionalism. ”

Kirk, Michigan


“Although I bought the Brick Your Neck-Tie a few weeks ago, I just gave it as a gift this week.  It was VERY well received.  My son LOVED IT!  Guess we’ll be getting the Legos out so he can ‘customize’ his new tie each week for church. “

Kari, Florida


“I was pretty stoked when I first found out about Brick Your Neck-Tie via a friend on Facebook. My husband is a HUGE LEGO fan (he’s 30 and he still wants sets for presents), plus he has to wear suits all the time, so I thought this would be perfect for him and ordered one for his Christmas present. Ordering was easy and fast, and I had it under the tree in no time. He was pretty excited he opened it, and immediately started planning designs for it. Since he also received a Lord of the Rings LEGO set for Christmas, he thought about doing something Hobbit related for his first design, but went with a “2013 New Year” design instead. He actually can’t wear it around my 1 year old, because she just wants to play with it all the time. He wore it one week to church, and all the kids in my class LOVED it, especially the boys (I teach 11 year-olds). I would definitely recommend this to any LEGO aficionado and this company is the best. I also like that you guys put up galleries of tie ideas”

Beth, Idaho


“I saw one of your ties on a young boy at church and knew that our three young grandsons, who absolutely love their Legos, would go bonkers if they each had one. I ordered one for each on a Monday and they had them in North Carolina on Thursday. Very impressed with your quick shipment. The boys got on Skype to show me their ties and they couldn’t have been more excited.. Thank you so much for making three young boys very happy.”



“Awesome is the word my boys used to describe their Christmas ties.  They are still getting comments at church regarding them.  My boys are big lego fans and now they have a way to show it.”

LynnAnn, Utah


I first discovered ‘Brick Your Neck Ties’ when ‘Googling’ for an idea for a present. I was absolutely delighted to find such a unique gift idea. Having set my sights on getting a tie it was then the matter of getting one over to England.

Stephen Slade (owner of brick your neck ties) was absolutely fantastic and, several e-mails later, despite time differences a tie was on its way to England.

The tie has certainly lived up to my expectations – it is totally unique and I can’t wait to see my husband’s face when he receives it.

My experience with the company has been first rate and I whole-heartedly recommend both the ties and Stephen’s company to anyone and everyone.”

Lallie, England


“I am absolutely delighted with [my Brick Your Neck-Tie]. My students couldn’t get over it they couldn’t believe it was lego… Thank you once again.”

Alex, England


“I purchased the tie for my grandson who is very much into legos… He really loved it and so did everyone else… Thank you so much for the great tie… I also told my boss about it and he went right on the web site he is not a young man either so i guess you never grow out of legos…Also my grandson insisted on wearing it to a special award that he earned by the city… the Mayor and council members were really taken by his tie.. Again thank you it is awesome……..”

Dawna, Utah


I love your ties,they are great. My son was a huge hit at his 8th grade graduation, everyone loved his tie.The service you offer is fabulous. My two ties were shipped fast and were perfect. Thank you for responding to my email the same day.”

Felicia, Rhode Island


“We got all of our ties and we’re really happy with them. Me and one other friend have worn them to a small banquet where they were a big hit. Everybody loved them and we got lots of compliments!”

Justin, Canada


The tie was a hit. Thank you again. It was a great conversation starter and you did a fabulous job.”

Brian from Brickworkz.com


In reference to a custom tie- “It came out fantastic! Much better than I expected & right on time. Superior customer service.”
Carmen, Florida
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